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Wedding Dresses From USA TV Series
  • 30, Jul 2019

Wedding Dresses From USA TV Series

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Wedding plays an essential part in people’s whole life, especially for females. They are all looking forward to a festive wedding. It is vital for brides to choose a charming wedding dress. This can add to a perfect wedding and give them a good memory.

At present, American TV series is becoming more and more popular among people, especially the youth aged between15 and 25. They are fond of appreciating the beautiful dresses in the movie, including the fantastic bridal gowns. Now let’s get some cues on the choice of wedding dresses from the us Tv series.

Sex and the city wedding dress

<Sex and the city> is a very famous and popular program. When the character Carrie Bradshaw got married with Mr Big, there are many fans taking the view that the wedding dresses for Carrie is definitely beautiful. Vivienne Westwood designed this wedding dress. This dress has 3 parts; they are respectively corset top, lined skirt and large pannier. The most attracting points are the irregular design on the bottom of the dress. At the same time, the silk fabric can let females’ skin looks smoother.  This dress is appropriate for every female. Hence, it is the top choice for brides.


Gossip Girl wedding dress

<Gossip Girl> is also a welcome TV series, particularly for youth whose age is between 15 and 25. The sleeveless wedding dress is fit for Lily. This wedding dress is appropriate for the good proportion of stature females. The sleeveless model can show your temperament of mature and elegant. Without exaggerated hem, it can represent the girls’ quiet personality. However, the simpler the wedding dress is, the more stricter for female’s figure. This design may let people concentrate on the upper body, especially the shoulder. Therefore, it requires that the brides’ figure should be moderate, not too thin or too fat.


Grey’s Anatomy wedding dress

<Grey’s Anatomy> is a fashionable TV program, as well. At the end of the five series, when Meredith got married with Derek, the wedding dress Meredith wore is very fascinating. This captivating wedding dress is more appropriate for girls who are tall and slim. The lightweight materials make the bride seem charming.  Additionally, it can make female looks younger than their real age. Particularly the design in waistline, this design can fit your figure better.


Ugly Betty wedding dresss

We cannot ignore the <ugly Betty>, this famous TV sets. When Wilhemina got married, audiences were all surprised. However, people cannot deny that the wedding dress she wore is very charming. It is appropriate for the slim females to wear this beautiful wedding dress. People can look sexier by the draped neckline and lace. Furthermore, the white gloves increase the elegance. Meanwhile, the floor-length dresses can fit your figure best.

From above, we can clearly find that American TV programs have many aspects, which we can learn. It provides many brilliant ideas to choose wedding dresses for brides. Besides, it can teach us how to select a wedding dress which fit us best. Thus, we should pay attention to daily TV series as we can learn a lot from it.

Romantic Exotic Wedding Of Mexico
  • 30, Jul 2019

Romantic Exotic Wedding Of Mexico

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It doesn’t matter if you have never been to Mexico, you will fully understand the country through an exotic Mexico wedding. And to create a romantic Mexico wedding is very easy. For beautiful wedding dresses, you can visit

In Mexico, people use enthusiasm bold and unrestrained color such as bright red, orange and white to match with turquoise green, which is a unique color of local Mexico to decorate the wedding diner. No color taboos and restriction make the wedding panchromatic intertwined charming scenery of the state of New Mexico. Owing to the dry weather, they can only use heat-and-drought-tolerant flowers like poppy as decoration. Beside, the whole wedding will naturally blend unique indigenous art of the state of New Mexico to create an authentic Natural and comfortable atmosphere.

Mexican-wedding dinner

In the choice of ornaments, some collection of special significance such as tall candlesticks, various candles and photo frame will be put on the reception desk to present a warm atmosphere of the wedding. And the desk will be decorated with fresh geranium.

Mexican_wedding decoration

Mexico paper cut which found in the house of Indians in East Midlands of Mexico by an American anthropologist in 1900 and used to be as religious folk worship now is used in the wedding. Delicate paper cut, paper flowers, shining stars and lovely lantern ball take on a full romantic and joyous. The red and bright candelabrum plugged in vertical long simple pewter can lift table view, which is a delicate balance of the whole decoration. Tablecloths, chair, porcelain, crystal cup, utensils and napkins that match with the special central decoration let the air filled with the smell of love.

Mexican paper cut for wedding decoration

Being tied with ribbon on which decorated with fresh berries of strawberry and red flowers brings a refreshed and incredibly clean feeling to the white wedding cake. The traditional three-tiered wedding cake is filled with vanilla cream and hibiscus jelly and wrapped with a white sugar, just like a classical girl wearing a new sweet dress.

Mexican wedding cake

The bouquet in bride’s hand is not complicate. The freedom combination of peony, crowfoot, tulips and poppy will make a beautiful bouquet which sets off the bride face flush and make a happy expression on her face. When you come to La Posada de Santa Fe, the hot Springs resort, you will understand why so many artists are fond of the natural environment in New Mexico. The floral designers and wedding creative teachers will help you capture the most vigorous Spanish culture of Southwestern United States and integrate the rich romantic style into the amazing wedding feast. Also, they will give the most professional advice on how to dress to be harmonious with the beautiful natural scenery.

Colorful mexican bridal bouquet

In addition, beverage of the wedding is also romantic and unique. Mixed the Mexico tequila with juice and bring up a color that deeper in the base and lighter in the end which looks like the clouds in the sky when the sun rises. You can also put some black and silver cutlery on other table to give others a different customs of the state of New Mexico.

Fashion Summer Beach Wedding
  • 30, Jul 2019

Fashion Summer Beach Wedding

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As blue sea is the inspiration of fresh and pleasant beach wedding, so blue is absolutely the theme of beach wedding. Casting aside all restraints of traditional wedding, the blue sea, blue gossamer and blue cocktail, all make people fascinated. For gorgeous beach wedding dresses, you can visit

Gorgeous beach wedding dress

Late spring, summer or early fall is good time to hold beach wedding. Generally speaking, it is better to hold this form of wedding at dusk when we see the beautiful scenery of the sundowners and making the promise for a lifetime. If you are thrill-seekers and long for a romantic story under the water, you can choose July or August when the water temperature is suitable and the sea is most azure blue. If conditions allow, it is most desirable to have a day carnival in tropical or subtropical beaches where there is pleasant scenery and moist climate with smaller temperature difference between day and night.


To make all harmonious, the bride’s dressing has to be in accord with the blue sea. It is better to choose hand bouquets of fresh and natural color such as green orchid rather than traditional red rose. Long trailing wedding dress seems a little formal, so you can choose some simple and lively design whose material is thin and ventilated. It will be most decent to wear a garland carefully made by designer and then walk on the beach barefoot or with sandals. And the groom need not to wear black formal dress, a black and color linen leisure suit is enough to make him handsome and not rigid.


But this is not enough if you want a perfect beach wedding, you have to think how to layout the wedding scene. You can contact a hotel or resort by the sea to undertake, asking them to wrap the white chairs with light blue chiffon and make a chic canopy with the same material and color. You can use elegant silk to wrap the edges corners of the scene, among which white rose and little silver bells add more romantic atmosphere to the wedding. In the area for guest rest and eating, you can arrange delicate tableware, simple but elegant table cloth.

Inviting a band to entertain will add more funs to beach wedding. As the sun goes down, facing the pleasant scenery, the bride and groom sing and dance with friends and family, that is absolutely a delight and romantic wedding experience.


The perfect match with beach wedding is buffet reception which is relaxed and free enough to add endless fun. As buffet price is relatively low, you can adjust the supply structure and service mode according to your own demand to exclude some extra expense. You can also limit the banquet menu and attendance to save money.

If you are going to get married, you can choose some place like Hawaii which owns unique natural environment and beautiful blue sea. It can’t be more appropriate for newlyweds to have a romantic beach wedding. In addition, these coastal cities have already gained much experience in beach wedding and are improving gradually. So you might as well choose a nearest coastal city to create a different and unforgettable wedding.

Current Popular Elements For Wedding Dresses
  • 30, Jul 2019

Current Popular Elements For Wedding Dresses

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Wedding is the biggest issue for girls. Girls have been imagining their wedding dresses even since their school ages. Wedding dress designing is always the hottest topic in fashion world. Though wedding dress keeps the holy and pure feeling all the time, small changes are happening with the influence of new fashion trend. If you are about to be a bride, there are some current elements you should think about your wedding dress.

color wedding dress

Color. The white wedding dress is classic and traditional. While in recent years, other colors are used. You can find pink or wheat wedding dresses among the collections of brand releases. If you can not accept the whole piece with other colors, but still want colorful elements, using colorful details is also in. Adding unique feeling to wedding dress with colorful crystal or embroidery is normally seen. Other than that, along with the flourishing of oriental culture, ink painting is also a good way to add color to dresses. The oriental elements are used more frequently in clothes designing of big brands.

organza wedding dress

Fabrics. Organza is the most popular fabric in 2012. It creates hazy and mysterious feeling. The fabric is light and flows with your movements, which makes you look like the magic fairy in tales. Generally organza is covered on other fabrics. Designers make dimensional feeling with pleats on the facial material. It’s also Vera Wang’s favorite this year.

flower wedding dress

Flowers. Fabric-made flowers are the most seen details for wedding dresses. The difference is, this year big flower is popular. You can see a big flower made with tulle or satin covers nearly 3/4 of the lower half of the dress, that’s the current fashion. If you show any surprise, you are out.

lace wedding dress

Lace. Lace is a normal fabric used on wedding dresses. But different from the past, it is not only used for the details. The whole wedding dress can be wholly made with lace. This year, many big brands make this kind of wedding dresses, including Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and Monique Lhuillier. If you are looking for a sweet feeling, lace is a good option.

wedding dress with sleeves

Shoulders and sleeves. We are used to seeing short cut sleeveless wedding dresses in recent years. If you think long or short sleeves wedding dress just belongs to your granny, you are out again. After long time of attention on the breast and waist, designers focus on the design of shoulders and sleeves again. Fashion is changeable, but recycling is not the first time to come

Counting Down: Weddings In Round Figures
  • 30, Jul 2019

Counting Down: Weddings In Round Figures

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Useful, shocking, stunning and fun facts: this articles looks at weddings by the numbers: think ages, averages and, of course, cost.

Newly married couple leaving the church.


Before you hire anyone – planners, coordinators, vendors, dressmakers, bakers, designers – do some research, and become familiar with the facts and figures about what goes into a wedding. That’s not to imply that you might get “taken,” know your numbers before you might get schooled.

Whether you’re looking at wedding venues Brisbane or Taipei or London or Montreal, every bride and groom (or, likely, just bride) could use some help. You can approach a professional confidently if you are knowledgeable – and some of these facts are just fascinating to know (prices are averages):

  • AU$ 357 billion: Global Wedding Industry
  • AU$ 6697: Engagement ring
  • AU$ 1534: Wedding dress
  • 20 months: Engagement length
  • 2.5 to 3 years: average time couples live together before engagement
  • 30%: Of married couples say they created their own wedding website


  • 29.6: Average age of an Australian bride
  • 29: Average age of an American bride
  • 28: Average age of a bride in the U.K.
  • 29.7: Average age of an Australian groom
  • 31: Average age of an American groom
  • 30: Average age of a groom in the U.K.

Where to Wed

  • 33.5%: Couples who choose a church as their wedding venue (
  • 19.8%: Couples who choose a hotel as their wedding venue (
  • 10.5%: Couples who choose a castle as their wedding venue (
  • 4.7%: Couples who marry abroad (

The Essentials

  • AU$ 542.75: Invitations
  • 145: Average number of invited wedding guests
  • AU$ 81.00: Catering cost PER guest
  • AU$ 1450: Rehearsal dinner
  • 4 or 5: Average number of both groomsmen and bridesmaids
  • AU$ 718: Musician for ceremony
  • AU$ 3000: Wedding Photographer
  • AU$ 2080: Videographer
  • AU$ 670: Wedding cake
  • AU$ 345: Favors
  • AU$ 898: Transportation
  • AU$ 16,350: Reception venue
  • 90.5%: Brides choose wedding websites as the best resource to plan a wedding (
  • AU$ 4242: Cost of a reception band
  • 81%: Choose cake cutting as the most popular tradition
  • AU$ 38,202: Average price of a wedding (not including the honeymoon)

The Honeymoon

  • AU$ 7.3 billion: Global Honeymoon market
  • AU$ 9000: Average price of honeymoon
  • 81%: Newlyweds go on honeymoon
  • 15%: Choose a cruise for their honeymoon
  • 7.6 Days: Average length of a honeymoon

The Outrageous

  • AU$ 525,400: Starting price for a wedding with 41 to 60 guests at Little Palm Island, Key West
  • AU$ 180,000: For a wedding and reception at Chateaux Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy, France

The Astonishing

  • AU$ 22 million: Cost of Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s ridiculous wedding
  • AU$ 2.9 million: Cost of now-divorced Christina Aguilera’s and Jordan Bratman’s 2005 wedding
  • AU$ 3.2 million: Cost of now-divorced (in 2011) Elizabeth Hurley’s and Arun Nayar’s 2007 wedding
  • AU$ 6.2 million: What Hello magazine paid for Hurley’s and Nayar’s wedding photos.
  • AU$ 4.4 million: Cost of now-divorced (split in 2006, officially divorced in 2008) Paul McCartney’s and Heather Mill’s 2002 Irish wedding.
  • 2006: Year McCartney and Mills Split
  • 2008: Year McCartney and Mills officially divorced
  • AU$ 48.9 million: What Mills was awarded in the divorce in a one-off payment and assets
  • AU$ 5.2 million: Cost of now-divorced David Gest’s and Liza Minnelli’s 2002 wedding
  • 16: Number of Minnelli’s bridesmaids
  • 16 months: How long Gest and Minnelli were together before splitting
  • AU$ 9.8 million: Cost of Wayne Rooney’s and Coleen McLoughlin’s 2008 wedding
  • AU$ 403,000: McLoughlin’s wedding dress
  • AU$ 820,000: For the boy band Westlife to play Rooney’s and McLoughlin’s wedding
  • AU$ 53.5 million: For Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding
  • And, the “best” one of all?
  • AU$ 80.7 million: For billionaire’s daughter Vanisha Mittal’s and Amit Bhatia’s wedding at Paris’ Palace of Versailles
  • AU$ 403,000: What Kylie Minogue was paid to sing for a HALF-HOUR at Mittal’s and Bhatia’s reception.
  • 1,000: The number of guests at Mittal’s and Bhatia’s wedding
  • One-week: The length of Mittal’s and Bhatia’s wedding.
  • 2013: The year Mittal filed for divorce.

Before you ask, the most expensive wedding of all time was the ill-fated 1981 nuptials of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, at £7.034 million. And we all know how that ended.

If these facts and figures tell you anything (besides entertain you), know that you don’t have to spend a lot (or insane amounts) of money to have a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony. There are so many options to brides and grooms today that it doesn’t make sense to not take advantage of the choices.